Xinhu Futures

Time:2018-09-21 14:53

On September 20th 2018, the FOW and Global Investor Asia Capital Markets Awards organized by Global Investor Group were held in the Marina Mandarin, Singapore. Xinhu Futures won the award of “Chinese FCM of the Year”, and Xidong Yang the general manager of Xinhu Futures received the award in person.



FOW is the world’s leading derivatives markets information and service provider, which owned by the Global Investor Group. FOW has a team of financial journalists; data analysts and specialist correspondence from around the globe provide unparalleled insight and coverage to the world& #39;s future and options market. FOW has been at the heart of the global exchange derivatives market for over 30 years and is committed to providing essential information, which has been trusted and consistently praised by global derivatives and risk managers. The FOW and Global Investor Asia Capital Markets Awards are held annually, the selection and nomination of the award are decided by a panel of industry experts from all disciplines of the market, which honours the professional companies in the Asian derivatives industry.


This year’s Asia Capital Markets Awards cover Exchanges, trading platforms, clearing house, software technology providers, banks, brokers, asset managers and market makers, which offer products and services to investors in Asian financial markets. The Awards include “Exchange of the year”, “Best new Derivatives Contract”, “Non-Bank Broker of the Year” and “Chinese FCM of the Year”.



The award of “Chinese FCM of the Year” is the recognition of the products and services provided by Xinhu Futures in China& #39;s derivatives market, as well as the company& #39;s continuous development and achievements in the past year. “Xinhu has accomplished a difficult mission and become one of the first Chinese FCMs who have successfully implemented Insurance + Futures programme,” said one judge. “Its scale of regional coverage and many farmers being educated by Xinhu to use futures for hedging is impressive. Xinhu is an excellent example of how financial institutions serve can serve customers and the real economy.”