Xinhu Futures

Time:2018-08-17 15:00

On August 17th 2018, the 2-year Treasury Bond Futures Contract went on the market officially. On the opening day, Xinhu Futures obtained the first order and struck the deal within the call auction period.


Since the launch of the 5-year Treasury Bond Futures on September 6th 2013, and the well-functioning of the 5-year and 10-year Treasury Bond Futures in the market, the 2-year Treasury Bond Futures Contract will act as the tool of managing short term and intermediate term interest rate risks, improving treasury bond investment strategy and mitigating the hedging pressure of existing treasury bond futures, which also contribute to the risk management and price discovery function of the treasury bonds, and improving the system of treasury bond products and the yield curves of the national debts, which better serving the markets and the real economy.


Wensheng Ma, president of Xinhu Futures stated that since the launch of the 5-year and 10-year Treasury Bond Futures in the market, the Treasury bond futures gradually become the most influential fundamental financial instruments in China’s financial market. In the present, the duration of the credit debt is 2 years to 3 years, and the duration of the 2-year Treasury bond futures matches the duration of these credit debts, which help to alleviate the risks of the credit debts. On one hand, the institution bondholders could use the highly liquid and quickly settled treasury bonds futures without actually buying or selling bonds they hold, hedging against the price risk by using Treasury bond futures. On the other hand, the financial institutions are more willing to buy and hold the credit debts, which contribute to expanding the direct financing channels of enterprises, lower the default risk of the credit debts and support the development of the real economy.


Xinhu Futures obtained the first order of crude oil futures that went on the market, and the first order of the iron ore futures when officially ushered in overseas traders. This is the third time Xinhu Futures obtain the first order of futures trading, which reflects the comprehensive service strength of Xinhu Futures. Xinhu Futures will continue to improve services and bring more value-added services and experiences to our clients.