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Time:2014-04-16 11:03

The Shanghai Futures Exchange is ready to roll out China& #39;s first Yuan-denominated crude oil futures

We welcome our overseas business partners to do Omnibus Account Co-operationsand IB Business Co-operations with us.

The simulation trading test is ready for omnibus account.

  Predicted contract specifications


Product name

Medium & sour crude oil

Contract unit

100 barrels per lot

Price quotation


Mini tick

0.1 RMB/barrel

Daily price limits

5% above or below the previous day’s settlement price.

Contract months

12 consecutive months within a year and quarterly months within 2 years.

Trading time

9:00-11:30; 13:30-15:00 Every weekday.

Last trading day

The last business day of the month preceding the contract month.

Delivery day

Consecutive 5 business days following the Last Trading Day of the current contract month.

Deliverable Grades

Medium & sour crude oil, not less than 32 degrees American Petroleum Institute (“API”), sulfur: 1.5%. Specific deliverable oil and Agio shall be formulated by the exchange.

Delivery Point

Arranged by SHFE.

Minimum margin call

7% of the contract value.

Delivery method

Physical delivery

Trading code



Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) & (INE)


We can help our omnibus account partners to apply for the simulation trading account. We also would like to bring our clients tovisit the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE)and it’s Shanghai International Energy Exchange Corporation (INE).

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