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Time:2013-11-26 15:39

On November 19, 2013 Xinhu Futures and Futures & Options World (FOW) hosted the 5th annual “Derivatives Hedging and Arbitrage (International) Forum" investor conference in Shanghai at the Shanghai Puxi Inter-Continental Hotel. Mr.Ma Wensheng, President and CEO of Xinhu Futures provided an overview of the development of Chinese derivatives to more than 500 audiences including Chinese and overseas fund managers, CTAs, investment advisors & private investors.

Many guests, Dr. Eugene Zheng, Managing Director of CBOE; Ernest Jaffarian, CEO&CIO of Efficient Capital Management; Sebastian Lewis, editorial director of Platts China; Steve Michael, founder of Stonehenge Asset Management; Li Zhou, Chairman of Rational Stone Capital gave passionate and wonderful speeches at the conference.

China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX); Shanghai Futures Association; INTL FCStone; Real-time systems (RTS); Shanghai Hedge Funds Club; have supported this conference.

Since 2009, XINHU futures has held four consecutive terms hedge arbitrage forums, which now has become a high standard and specialized annual event in Chinese futures market. And this time, the 5th forum is the most high standard one.

The 5th derivatives hedging and arbitrage forum has adhere to the preciseness and professional principle, and deeply analyzed the global derivatives hedging and arbitrage techniques and strategy with a global view. XINHU futures, as the host of the meeting, will stand on the purpose of “Sharing make the most valuable wealth”, and increasing R & D investment constantly, to build a high-end communication platform for the investors,finally achieve a win-win situation.


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opening speaker: Mr. Zhang Xiaogang from CFFE

opening speaker: Stewart Brown from FOW

host: Mr. Ma Wensheng from XINHU Futures


guest speaker: Dr. Eugene Zheng from CBOE



guest speaker: Ernest Jaffarian


guest speaker: Mr. Wu Yanan


guest speaker: Bernard Lock


guest speaker: Mr. Zhou Li


guest speaker: Sebastian Lewis


guest speaker: Steven Michael


guest speaker: Mr. Tang Chunhua


guest speaker: Frederick R.Demler


host speaker: Mr. Zhu Langqiang


guest speaker: Andy Woodhouse from RTS


Panel Discussion 1


Panel Discussion 2