Xinhu Futures

Our Philosophy


We strive to be an influential and valuable derivative financial service company in China. 



We always put our clients’ interests first. Our goal is to create sustainable long-term value for our investors, clients, shareholders, and society. These values act as an ethical compass and form the core of our company values that direct everything we do. Our corporate values are “integrity, professionalism, and dedication" 



Research– We have professional research institutes all around China. Through thorough research in the areas of: macro economics, industrial development, and structured products, we provides our clients with timely, comprehensive and professional consulting services. 


Trainings – As the future market is highly competitive, being an informed professional investor is very important. We organized high standard comprehensive investment training program for our clients. 


Conference – Through offering various professional conferences and forums, we gather the international and domestic experts together with leading enterprisers, to provide our clients the most authoritative information and valuable networking opportunities.


Collaboration – The “win-win” concept is at the foundation of our company since its inception. Cooperation during development has been a key to our success. We work with different international and domestic financial companies to enhance our company&


Technology – Technology is an important service offered by Xinhu. We will provide the advanced and stable services, in order to bring a safe and convenient transaction channel to our clients. We have developed proprietary software to increase the effectiveness and profitability of partnerships. These software products have set our company apart from our competitors and have received notable honours.

Products – We invest our manpower and capitals into the creation of products and tools, to help our clients to seize opportunities more efficiently.