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Time:2013-05-29 13:02


 In order to help programmatic traders more systematic and comprehensive learn about programming trading system design, inspired the strategic thought, break through the bottlenecks of model compiling, Xinhu Futures Co., LTD with Shanghai Golden Tower Information Technology Company jointly organized a programming transaction training program on Jun 15th.


This training program is more focused on strategy implementation and hand-in-hand compiling instruction. Contents include ideas and methods, strategies designing, software operating, model compiling, advanced application, system testing, system evaluation and system practical application, etc. This training will start from the entry level, with experts’ on-site guidance on models compiling by covering all kinds of important and difficult problems.


Registration please contact:

Golden Tower Information Technology Company   Dongxiang Zuo   Phone# 021-20339081

Xinhu Futures Co.,Ltd. Institutional Business Department   Mr. Wang  Phone# 021-22155679

Location: Xinhu Futures Co.,Ltd. Headquarter meeting room (36th Floor, intercontinental Center, No.500, Hengfeng Road, Shanghai, China).


Training Curriculum:

09:30-09:40   Leader delivers a speech

09:40-10:20   Topic: The development and testing of a practical trading strategy

                       Speaker: Qinzhong Li/ Vice President of Sun Rising Asset Management Co., LTD

10:20-11:30   Topic: Software features introduction           

                       Speaker: Dongxiang Zuo/ senior trainer of Shanghai Golden Tower Information Technology Co., LTD

13:00-14:30   Topic: Standardized operation of programming investment portfolio

                       Speaker: Wendi Sun/ strategy researcher of Shanghai Xinhu Futures Co., LTD  trading department

14:40-15:30   Topic: Examples of trading system and explanation of advanced programming skills

                       Speaker: Dongxiang Zuo/ senior trainer of Shanghai Golden Tower training division information technology Co., LTD

15:40-16:30    Topic: Practical trading experience sharing

                        Speaker: Qinzhong Li/ vice president of Sun Rising Asset Management Co., LTD

Lecturers’ Brief Introduction:

Qinzhong Li/ vice president of Sun Rising Asset Management Co., LTD

Started with stock market in 1993, participated in the establishment of private equity company in 1997

Engaged in prop trading and strategy analysis at Haitong Securities Company in 2000, began to focus on the stock market to predict scientific problem during that period. (Issued “a century bull market is coming” in June 3rd, 2005, evoked a strong response)

For programmatic research needs, he directly promoted the development of the fox, pyramids and other analytical software. He solved a series of related problems in stock market of the programming investment based on strategy targets and investment targets in 2006.

As vice president of Shanghai Sun Rising Asset Management Co., LTD in 2009, he was responsible for investment, began to bring the programming investment ideas into practice for years, and led designing the company’s investment and organizational processes.

In the second half of 2010, the company launched three periods of Trust, started out his programmatic transaction journey. After a full year, one of the best Trust listed in the top 20, three trusts all won the five-star rating.

Dongxiang Zuo/ senior trainer of Shanghai Golden Tower Information Technology Co., LTD

He has participated in a lot of training programs for software clients and has rich practical experience. He is particularly good at compiling for all kinds of technical indicators.


Wendi Sun/ strategy researcher in Xinhu Futures Co., LTD programming trading department

As a master of Financial Engineering, he has deep insights about the operation of quantitative hedge funds. Good at compiling for multiple systematic trading platforms and researched a lot for complicated trading strategies, developed several systematic trading strategies. He has been started providing consulting services assisted customers for fully automatic programmed trading in 2012. The recent five-month earnings are 42%, and dynamic rights of maximum retracement of 5%.