Xinhu Futures

Awards & Achievements

Shanghai Futures Exchange—“2008 Most Progressive Transition Award” 

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange—“2008 Market Progress Award” 

Dalian Commodity Exchange—“2008 Most Developed Member Award” (Financial Website)—“China Finance Billboard Top Ten Most Influential Futures Company 2008” 

The Financial World—“China Futures Billboard: the Fastest Growing Futures Company 2008” 
     Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “China Futures Billboard Outstanding of People”

Futures Daily (Authorized Futures Daily) —“Trading Competition (Sponsored by China Bank of

     Communication) - Designated  Outstanding Dealer 2008” 

Stocks Daily—“China‘s Fastest Growing Futures Company”/“Best Industrial Services Futures Company”/ 

     Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “Most Influential Person in Futures Market in China” 

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange—“Annual Trading Award 2009” 

Shanghai Futures Exchange—“Annual Trading Award 2009” / “Rubber Trading Award” 

Dalian Commodity Exchange—“Best Industrial Development Award” / “Outstanding Member – Gold Award” 

Dalian Commodity Exchange & (Chinese Financial Website)—“Top Ten Futures Research Team –

     Agriculture Division Top Ten” 

Futures Daily (Authorized Futures Daily in China) & Stocks Times—“China’s Fastest Growing Futures

     Company”/ “Best Management Team Award of Futures Industry in China” /“Top Ten Futures Divisions:

     Qingdao Division”/ “Best Investor Education Award in Stock Index Futures” /“Best Industrial Analysts –

     Two staff won the First Prize, Five staff won the Second Prize, One Person won the Third Prize” 

Shanghai Stock Daily—“Best Management Team Award” / Mr. Shi Yan won “Best Agriculture Analyst Award”

He Xun (Chinese Financial Website)—“In the 7th Annual Chinese Finance Billboard we ranked among the Top

     Ten Most Influential Futures Company 2009


China Financial Futures Exchange— “Outstanding Member Award 2010” / “ Annual Clients Management

     Award 2010” / “Annual Investors Education Award 2010” 

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange—“Enterprise Service Award” / “Market Service Award” 

Dalian Commodity Exchange—“ Industrial Service Award” / “Outstanding Member – Gold Award” 

Shanghai Futures Exchange—“Outstanding Membership Award” / “Rubber Enterprise Service Award 2010” 

“Annual Outstanding Analysts”—Ms. Weng Mingxiao (Excellent Steel Analyst) Financial Website) — “Top Ten Brand Futures Company 2010” /   

     Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “Distinguished Leader in Futures Market 2010” 

Financial Weekly—“Best Growing Futures Company in 2010” 

Sohu Finance—“Best Brand Award in the Chinese Futures Industry” 

Financial Times—“The Safest Trading System Award” 


Futures Daily & Stocks Times—“The 4th Annual Best Futures Analysts Award in Futures Management

     Organization” / “The Fastest Growing Futures Company in China” / “The Best Energy Chemical Industry

     Service Award” / “The Best Industrial Analyst – Two staff won the First Prize, One staff won the Second Prize,

     Two staff won the Third Prize, One Person won the Fifth Prize” 

Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch—Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “Top Ten Financial

     Industry Leaders of Shanghai” 

CBN—Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “Annual Futures Figure 2011” Finance Website in China) —“China Finance Billboard the Best Branded Futures

     Company 2011” / “China Finance Billboard the Best Industrial Service Futures Company 2011”/

     Mr. Ma Wensheng (CEO of Xinhu Futures) won “Distinguished Industrial Leader 2011” 

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange—“Market Development Award” / “Enterprise Service Award” /

     “Enterprise Development Service Award” / “Industrial Service Award for Cotton” /

     “Industrial Service Award of Rapeseed Oil” 

Dalian Commodity Exchange—“Outstanding Member 2011” / “Industry Development Achievement Award

     2011”/ “The Most Developing Researching Team in Agriculture Industry”/ “The Most Growing Researching

     Team in Energy Chemical Industry” 

China Financial Futures Exchange—“Outstanding Member – Gold Award” / “Investor Education Award 2011”/

     “Appropriate System Implement Award 2011” 

Shanghai Futures Exchange—“Superior Member Candidates” / “Rubber Enterprise Service Award 2011”