Xinhu Futures

Time:2017-12-13 17:21

On the morning of December 10, the activity of walk celebrating the 10th anniversary of Xinhu Futures was held at Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park. Over 100 employees, clients as well as family members participated in the event. The serial celebrations will take place at different places including the headquarters and divisions of Xinhu Futures in succession.

At the beginning, General Manager of Xinhu Futures, Mr. Yang Xidong delivered a speech to extend heartfelt thanks to our clients, employees and family members.Xinhu Futures can stand out in futures industry thanks to the constant support of our clients and the hard work of every employee over the past 10 years. He expected all staff to strive for greater achievements and offered good wishes for Xinhu Futures in the years to come.President of Xinhu Futures, Mr. Ma Wensheng led the group at the starting point and then walked past some main scenic spots across the park afterwards. Marks indicating directions were set along the route and ginger tea and snacks were supplied at several points. Moreover, some specially designed photo props were available for participants. 

Meanwhile, 39 employees, clients and family membersfrom Haikou division took part in another walk in Haikou city.They covered 10 kilometers from Xixiu Beach to Holiday Beach enjoying the wonderful scenery of the sunlight, beaches, seaand coconut trees.In Suzhou city, more than 20 employees, clients and family members from Suzhou division gathered round and hiked at Qionglong Mountains scenic spots. After several hours of effort, they reached the Ruomao Peak, which is the summit in the mountains besideTaihu Lake in Suzhou.In Jiaxing, employees, clients and family members from Jiaxing division came together at Xincheng,a thousand year-old village characterized by a long history and the landscape of southern Chinese riverside towns. They conveyed their best wishes forXinhu Futures whilewalking and appreciating the unique flavor of the village.

Presently, more activities celebrating the 10th anniversaryof Xinhu Futures are being held at different places across China. The events are of great significance since the year 2018 will be a turning point for Xinhu Futures. We willmake more retrospection of the past decade and promisingly usher a new one in the future.